With the second Italian Multiplier Sport Event "Moving Rome!", the MEW project walked through the capital

On Sunday October 14th, the second Italian Multiplier Sport Event of the Mew Project, the events organized by CSEN in collaboration with FederTrek to promote free physical activity, able to improve the lifestyle of anyone and spread the project on which the National Educational Sports Center is working together with the University of Foro Italico, ASL Rome 2 and various European partners with the aim of fighting sedentariness, took place in Rome.
At the event, called “Moving Rome!” and organized as part of the FederTrek national initiative “National walking day", took part more than 250 participants, that crossed the capital walking for 18 km, starting at 8:30 in Conca d'Oro Square and arriving at the "City of the other Economy" at 16:30. The route passed through some of the most beautiful parks and places in the city, along alternative roads, cycle paths and historical streets. The first stop was at the Delle Valli Park, then the route continued on the cycle path that goes up to Salaria Street, crossed Villa Ada Park, had a short stop nearby the Bioparco and arrived in the middle of Villa Borghese Park, where the participants enjoyed a break with a picnic lunch thereabout the lake. From there, after a look out from the Pincio terrace and a stop in Piazza del Popolo, the walking lovers skirted the river Tiber using the cycle paths until reach Testaccio district. In the end, the atmosphere of serenity and friendship came up during the walk culminated in a wine and food tasting of typical organic products from Norcia and Castelluccio, with the possibility of buying some of the products from those earthquake areas. Finally, the organizers distributed the questionnaires to investigate the participants’ lifestyle and their motivation for taking part in the event, gave the Mew-branded water bottle to all those who returned the questionnaire filled in, illustrated all the phases of the Mew Project and the upcoming appointments with the next Italian Multiplier Sport Events organized by Csen and Federtrek.


On September 29th, the meeting that kicked off the italian experimentation of the activity protocol developed by Csen, together with the University of Foro Italico, the ASL ROME 2 and the European partners within the MEW Project, took place at the Abitart Hotel in Rome.
During the event, after the presentation and the welcome greetings, the 40 participants recruited between 30 and 55 years old troughout Italy to follow the MEW protocol’s indications and advice to say goodbye to their sedentary lifestyle received the project kit (with t-shirt, pedometer, towel, water bottle and other gadgets), the 1st month protocol and the logbook, to be filled in daily.
The trainer who will follow the volounteers - both individually and in groups - has presented herself and let them try out the exercises of the first period, both those who will follow the training frontally and those who will follow them in streaming, as they live in different Regions of Italy. Finally, the participants learned about the dates of the meetings that will be held in Rome monthly, during wich the progress will be assessed, the protocol of the following month will be delivered and explained and any change to be made to the working method will be evaluated.
As a medical support, ANIAD Onlus (National Association of Italian Diabetic Athletes) took the responsability to monitor the participants’ health status before and after the experimentation and gave them during the event the initial questionnaires (including the Tuomilehto questionnaire), that will be accompanied by the blood analysis.
The meeting ended with a group picture of the participants, who will face this journey towards well-being together for six months, and a good luck for the first month of changes in their lifestyle.

"Kalabria Coast to Coast" kickoff the italian Multiplier Sport Events of the MEW Project

The first italian Multiplier Sport Event of the MEW Project, "Kalabria Coast to Coast" 2018, took place on Sunday September 23rd. The 35 km walk organized by Kalabria Trekking Association has seen more than 300 people walking from the Ionian coast to the Tyrrhenian coast through a breathtaking path. The route, which involved 6 Municipalities, started at 8:00 am in San Vito sullo Ionio, stopped at Lake Acero, at "Castagnara" forest Chalet in Monterosso Calabro and at the naturalistic oasis of Lake Angitola, and finally ended around 8:30 pm in Pizzo, where the participants have been welcomed by the final party with ethno-pop concert and Calabrian typical products tasting.
The event, come now at its 6th edition, has succeeded even this year in involving young and old, men and women, coming from everywhere to share the same passion for nature and outdoor sports. The walk, which at the same time promotes the Italian territory and gives value to its beauties, already gets prepared for the next year with a longer and more structured formula, with 55 km divided into two days - has anticipated the President of the Association Lorenzo Boseggia at the end of the walk.

The experimentation of the MEW protocol against sedentary lifestyle begins

On September 29th, the experimentation of the activity protocol developed by Csen within the MEW Project, together with the University of Foro Italico, the ASL RM2 and the European partners of the project, will start in Italy.
The meeting will be held at the Abitart Hotel, in Via Pellegrino Matteucci, 10 in Rome at h. 04:00 p.m. In that occasion, the 40 volunteers recruited throughout all over Italy will begin the 6-month period in which they will abandon their sedentary lifestyle, to follow the MEW protocol’s indications and advice and welcome good habits. The participants, aged between 30 and 55, will take part in the program both individually and in groups, working closely with a trainer and constantly monitored. Through guided training sessions once or twice a week and specific indications to be followed individually every day, they will experience different ways of leading an active life, to gradually integrate the movement into their daily lives. In addition to change their motoric habits at home, at work and in spare time, the protocol includes suggestions on nutrition, sleep management, stretching and relaxation techniques, and aims to develop psychosocial skills that can help them to gain and keep over time a 360-degree healthy lifestyle.
At the end of the experimentation, the Italian data will be compared with the results obtained by the volunteers of Latvia, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, England, Holland and Romania, to highlight the effects of the protocol on more than 200 subjects, belonging to 8 different European Countries.

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The Our_Tasks campaign has started!

The campaign is led by ICCE- International Council for Coaching Excellence (UK) and it comprises several sport events aimed at promoting an active life-style as well as at increasing awareness about the MEW the protocol of activities which will be experimented by 200 volunteers for 6 months.

Here is the list of scheduled sport events:

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The protocol of activities, the second output of the MEW project is now available online. The protocol was elaborated by the partnering organisations of the project to increase physical activity levels in sedentary people and produce a wide range of benefits. It is based on the latest scientific evidence as to the positive impact of physical activity. Recognized and up-to-date models and evidence regarding engagement in physical activity were also taken into account to design a Protocol participants are likely to enjoy and sustain over time.
Protocol available on line at:


Starting from September 2018, the Protocol of activities will be experimented with 200 volunteers in 7  European countries.