2nd December 2018

The fourth and last italian multiplier sport event of the European project to fight sedentariness colled “MEW Project” took place on Sunday, December 2nd 2018, and combined physical activity in nature, psychophysical wellbeing and fun in the beautiful medieval town of Cittaducale.
The excursion, organized by FederTrek and the GEP - Hiking Group of the Province of Rome Association, in collaboration with ANIAD, was conceived with two different itineraries, in order to be walkable by anyone: one longer and hiking (10 km, with 250 meters in altitude); the other simpler and for everyone (5 km, 100 meters in altitude).
The first started in Paterno village and crossed the forest in a silent path painted with characteristic autumn colors. The second began directly from the ancient Baths of Vespasiano, dating back to the second century B.C. and functioning until the 4th century A.D. In addition to walking surrounded by nature, the event has in fact provided for the exploration of finds of villas, baths and ancient Roman roads, which have captivated all those present.
The two itineraries converged in the town of Cittaducale, where Maria Domenica Calvani, the local guide, shown all the wonders guarded by the jewel of Lazio: from the Monastery of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria to the Cathedral, passing through the adjacent Bishop palace of the seventeenth century until the main square tower which, especially with the evocative lighting of the evening, always gives a fascinating atmosphere.

Storia, natura e gastronomia a Cittaducale - Scheda Tecnica

11 November 2018

On Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November, the third Italian Multiplier Sport Event of the MEW project, an experience of health and well-being between some of the most beautiful stops of the "San Benedetto Path", took place in Italy.
The two-days walk, organized in collaboration with FederTrek and Sentiero Verde Association, began early Saturday morning, with the departure of the bus that brought the participants from Rome to Castel di Tora, in the province of Rieti. The route of the first day, 16 km for 800 meters in altitude uphill and 600 downhill, ended in Orvinio.

Starting from the shores of Turano Lake, where to welcome the participants was also the Association "Walking with", the excursion began in an almost magical atmosphere, thanks to the fog that was the Rocca of Monte Antuni’s background. For about 6 hours the wonderful views of Navegna and Cervia Mountain Reserve and the most beautiful peaks of the central Apennines - from the Gran Sasso to the Terminillo - framed the path, which included a stop at the women's religious institute of the charity Sisters of Pozzaglia Sabina.

Due giorni sul Cammino di Benedetto - Esperienza da vivere - Scheda Tecnica

Due giorni sul Cammino di Benedetto - Esperienza da vivere - Data Sheet

14 October 2018

On Sunday October 14th, the second Italian Multiplier Sport Event of the Mew Project, the events organized by CSEN in collaboration with FederTrek to promote free physical activity, able to improve the lifestyle of anyone and spread the project on which the National Educational Sports Center is working together with the University of Foro Italico, ASL Rome 2 and various European partners with the aim of fighting sedentariness, took place in Rome.
At the event, called “Moving Rome!” and organized as part of the FederTrek national initiative “National walking day", took part more than 250 participants, that crossed the capital walking for 18 km, starting at 8:30 in Conca d'Oro Square and arriving at the "City of the other Economy" at 16:30. The route passed through some of the most beautiful parks and places in the city, along alternative roads, cycle paths and historical streets. The first stop was at the Delle Valli Park, then the route continued on the cycle path that goes up to Salaria Street, crossed Villa Ada Park, had a short stop nearby the Bioparco and arrived in the middle of Villa Borghese Park, where the participants enjoyed a break with a picnic lunch thereabout the lake. From there, after a look out from the Pincio terrace and a stop in Piazza del Popolo, the walking lovers skirted the river Tiber using the cycle paths until reach Testaccio district. In the end, the atmosphere of serenity and friendship came up during the walk culminated in a wine and food tasting of typical organic products from Norcia and Castelluccio, with the possibility of buying some of the products from those earthquake areas. Finally, the organizers distributed the questionnaires to investigate the participants’ lifestyle and their motivation for taking part in the event, gave the Mew-branded water bottle to all those who returned the questionnaire filled in, illustrated all the phases of the Mew Project and the upcoming appointments with the next Italian Multiplier Sport Events organized by Csen and Federtrek.

Giornata Nazionale del Camminare - Scheda Tecnica

Giornata Nazionale del Camminare - Data Sheet