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United Kingdom, Leeds - 2 July 2018:

Pat Duffy Festival of Athletics: Movement Environment Wellbeing Sport Day organized by ICCE

Latvia, Riga Region - 18 September 2018:

Kustība Vide Labsajūta Latvijai
organized by Baltic Youth Way

Italy, Calabria Region 23 September 2018:

Kalabria Coast to Coast 
organized by CSEN, FederTrek, ASL Roma 2

Romania, Bacau -  23 September 2018:

Cycling for a better you    
organized by Clubul de Turism, Veniti cu Noi

Ireland, Tralee - 26 September 2018:

Tri and Move
organized by UNESCO IT Tralee

Germany, Cham - 30 September 2018:

HikeFitYoga – Der Triathlon für Alle
HikeHikeFitYoga - The triathlon for everyone

organized by VHS Cham

Netherlands, Harderwijk - 6 October 2018:

IMBA Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day    
organized by IMBA Europe

Italy, Rome - 14 October 2018:

Giornata Nazionale del Camminare  
organized by CSEN, FederTrek, ASL Roma 2

Portugal Guarda - 21 October 2018:

Guarda em Movimento
organized by Instituto Politecnico de Guarda

Italy, Province of Rome 10-11 November 2018:

Due giorni sul Cammino di Benedetto - Esperienza da vivere
organized by CSEN, FederTrek IT, ASL Roma 2

Italy, Province of Rieti 2 December 2018:

Storia, natura e gastronomia a Cittaducale
organized by CSEN, FederTrek IT, ASL Roma 2