Italian National Walking Day - “Moving Rome!”

On Sunday October 14th, the second Italian Multiplier Sport Event of the Mew Project, the events organized by CSEN in collaboration with FederTrek to promote free physical activity, able to improve the lifestyle of anyone and spread the project on which the National Educational Sports Center is working together with the University of Foro Italico, ASL Rome 2 and various European partners with the aim of fighting sedentariness, took place in Rome.

At the event, called “Moving Rome!” and organized as part of the FederTrek national initiative “National walking day", took part more than 250 participants, that crossed the capital walking for 18 km, starting at 8:30 in Conca d'Oro Square and arriving at the "City of the other Economy" at 16:30. The route passed through some of the most beautiful parks and places in the city, along alternative roads, cycle paths and historical streets. The first stop was at the Delle Valli Park, then the route continued on the cycle path that goes up to Salaria Street, crossed Villa Ada Park, had a short stop nearby the Bioparco and arrived in the middle of Villa Borghese Park, where the participants enjoyed a break with a picnic lunch thereabout the lake. From there, after a look out from the Pincio terrace and a stop in Piazza del Popolo, the walking lovers skirted the river Tiber using the cycle paths until reach Testaccio district. In the end, the atmosphere of serenity and friendship came up during the walk culminated in a wine and food tasting of typical organic products from Norcia and Castelluccio, with the possibility of buying some of the products from those earthquake areas. Finally, the organizers distributed the questionnaires to investigate the participants’ lifestyle and their motivation for taking part in the event, gave the Mew-branded water bottle to all those who returned the questionnaire filled in, illustrated all the phases of the Mew Project and the upcoming appointments with the next Italian Multiplier Sport Events organized by Csen and Federtrek.

"We are very satisfied about how the day has gone and how the people have responded, because it’s the proof that an healthy and active lifestyle is possible even in the city, where is not utopic walk for almost 20 km visiting beautiful places. Besides, positives are not visible only at the physical level, but also at the psycho-physical one, thanks to the atmosphere of sociability, conviviality and fun that clearly came up every time" commented at the end of the event Francesco Senatore, organizer belonging to Sentiero Verde Association and FederTrek council member.
Alessia Cella, organizer belonging to GEP Association, stated: "We believe a lot in the MEW Project because it is trying to underline how active life has positive effects on the psychological dimension, as well as the physic one, and it’s doing it in a scientific way. Take part in events like this has a great potential for managing anxiety, stress and depression, and this is often underestimated".

After having reminded all the upcoming italian Multiplier Sport Events, the first in Orvinio (RI) on November 10th and 11th, with a two-day journey on the Benedetto’s path from Castel di Tora to Licenza town, and the second in Cittaducale on December 2nd, she anticipated about this last: "On that occasion we will propose multiple stimuli, bacause in addition to the simple walk people could take part in cultural visits, enjoy moments of conviviality and make medical tests with specialized staff, in order to focus on the importance to always monitor your state of health, do prevention and improve yourself always considering both physical and psycho-physical factors".