MEW Project Multiplier Event: IT Tralee Welcome Walk

The Irish multiplier event for the Erasmus+ Movement Environment Well-being (MEW) Project was the Welcome Walk hosted by the UNESCO Chair Transforming The Lives Of People With Disabilities, Their Families And Communities Through Physical Education, Sport, Recreation And Fitness at IT Tralee’s (ITT) North Campus which took place at lunchtime on 26 September 2018.
The event was held during the Let’s Get Kerry Walking the Distance Week, and aimed to encourage a more active lifestyle for students and faculty, having active breaks during  their routine at the IT Tralee.
The event had the support of the students union, and the participation of members of Skills For Life, a Training programme which takes place in the Tralee IT in partnership with Saint John of God, an organization that supports service providers in the areas of intellectual disabilities, child and adolescent mental health and people living with dementia.
The Welcome Walk was open for all ages and abilities, including families. Participants were encouraged to walk at their own pace, with the message that the most relevant thing was to be active and do their best.
On the same day, at the careers fair of the Institute, the UNESCO Chair had a stand promoting the principles of the Erasmus+ MEW project to around 200 participants, including students and local citizens who attended the fair.
A group of around 25 participants took part in the walk and most of them completed the post-event questionnaire.