The fourth and last italian multiplier sport event of the European project to fight sedentariness colled “MEW Project” took place on Sunday, December 2nd 2018, and combined physical activity in nature, psychophysical wellbeing and fun in the beautiful medieval town of Cittaducale.
The excursion, organized by FederTrek and the GEP - Hiking Group of the Province of Rome Association, in collaboration with ANIAD, was conceived with two different itineraries, in order to be walkable by anyone: one longer and hiking (10 km, with 250 meters in altitude); the other simpler and for everyone (5 km, 100 meters in altitude).
The first started in Paterno village and crossed the forest in a silent path painted with characteristic autumn colors. The second began directly from the ancient Baths of Vespasiano, dating back to the second century B.C. and functioning until the 4th century A.D. In addition to walking surrounded by nature, the event has in fact provided for the exploration of finds of villas, baths and ancient Roman roads, which have captivated all those present.
The two itineraries converged in the town of Cittaducale, where Maria Domenica Calvani, the local guide, shown all the wonders guarded by the jewel of Lazio: from the Monastery of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria to the Cathedral, passing through the adjacent Bishop palace of the seventeenth century until the main square tower which, especially with the evocative lighting of the evening, always gives a fascinating atmosphere.

The lunch was consumed inside the refectory of the Monastery of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, where the participant could tasted local delicacies. Afterwards, the association ANIAD - Italian National Association of Diabetic Athletes, informed all present of the risks and conditions that triggered diabetes, a disease that is increasingly spreading in Italy. The intervening physicians distributed the questionnaires able to evaluate the disease risk and predisposition and were willing for further controls, where an high risk emerged.

A warm greeting based on delicious sweets and a quick visit to the Christmas market with local and based on Trentino’s inspiration handcrafts were the last moments of the day, before leaving for the capital.

"The rediscovery of an healthy, conscious and in company lifestyle had distinguished also this last experience of the MEW project and I am very satisfied with how people reacted, setting up a wonderful atmosphere of well-being, serenity and joy that made the time and kilometers fly even for those who did not think to could make it" commented Alessia Cella, guide of GEP association who, together with Gianluca Paloni and other guides, organized the event. Alessia Cella is also a volunteer who is participating in the experimentation of the activity protocol developed within the project and at the end of the event she underlined: "the synergy created between Federtrek and Csen for the MEW project is a winning strategy to promote an healthy lifestyle and I’m grateful for have being part of the organization of those events, free and open to everyone, which had the aim of spreading all this. But I am doubly grateful for the opportunity to give my personal contribution to a research that aims to identify a scientific model that can improve people's well-being, through a lifestyle in which I firmly believe, also made of experiences in nature and shared with others".