Guarda em Movimiento

In Portugal, the multiplayer event took place on November 12, 2018 in Guarda and it was hosted by Polytechnic of Guarda. This event an aimed to promote the physical activity for all Guarda community and which would be accessible to everyone. With this in mind the Portuguese MEW team organized a 12km nigh walk, under the city and moon lights, by combining urban and rural routes and crossing strategic places related to local cultural heritage. This event also joined the “World Obesity Day 2018” campaign, which in 2018 was focused on raise awareness on weight stigma, considered one of the last socially accepted forms of discrimination, contributing for social exclusion and discouraging obese people of practicing physical activity (
The promotion of the event was carried out through a poster that was published in the institutional webpage and social media networks. The poster was also posted in the institution and in several public places ( -% 20Camaged)
A total of forty participants, with ages raging between 11 and 63 years old, participated in the event. Before the start of the activity, a brief meeting was held to explain the objectives of the MEW and the different interventions that were running in this field. At the end, the names and email contacts were collected from all the participants and the questionnaire was then sent to collect opinions about the event. Within this framework, other similar events were already organized and progressive increment of the number of participants was observed.